Weapons comes a futuristic and explosive cut from Brooklyn-based Codes, “Bring Tha Bomb”


Codes - Bring Tha Bomb

With a backbone bred on Hip Hop and Jungle and a foundation in Funk, Codes brings his own twist to the underground side of House in ‘Bring Tha Bomb’. An infectiously heavy bassline, slicing high hats, futuristic sound effects and chopped vocal samples, ‘Bring Tha Bomb’ is a bonafide floor-filler.

Codes elaborates, “This record is a bi-product of influence from the first mixtape I acquired Magic Mike’s “Bass Is The Name Of The Game” and the stack of Underground Construction Hard House records I used to collect.”

Both established and emerging artists alike are putting their ‘secret weapons’ in the safe hands of this new label, where every tracks journey starts in the club. ‘Bring Tha Bomb’ showcases the prowess of underground house music from the East to West Coast.

5% of all Weapons profits will go to those displaced by war.


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