Video: Erica Jennings feat. Vidas Bareikis – The Perfect Time



Jennings releases a nostalgic song “The Perfect Time”. It is, without a doubt, one of the strongest pieces she has ever written. “Authentic, real moments that people experience in their lives is the essence of this song. That is why I was open to all age groups, genders, locations and emotions when making this video”, – the Irish-born artist narrates the idea.

160 people from 15 countries contributed to the video

Since Erica’s latest single is full of feelings, the singer decided to illustrate it with real emotions and no acting. Right in the midst of summer she asked her friends and fans to send short videos capturing the most beautiful moments of their lives.When I saw the videos sent by so many people, I realized that no actors could ever communicate these subtle feelings better”, smiles E. Jennings.The singer received more than 100 intimate videos from 15 countries. The best moments made their way into “The Perfect Time” video.


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