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The Resident

I have throuroughly enjoyed the first 3 episodes and look forward to what else the series has in store for us. It’s no ER, or House, but it’s not trying to be. “The Resident” doesn’t shy away from showing the ugly side of the healthcare system. This has led some people to complain the show is portraying doctors in a bad light.

They fail to mention that there are several characters on the show who are trying to do the best for their patients. It’s a drama, people not a documemtary. I find “The Resident” to be an entertaining hour of TV, with it’s own distinct tone and intriguing characters. I don’t sit around looking for medical inaccuracies and complaining about a television drama being dramatic.

One of the characters goes into cardiac arrest because of endocarditis. The resident restarts her heart, but she is brain dead and the family keeps her on life support. The attending then has the chief of surgery to convince the family to donate her heart to someone who needs a heart transplant. Endocarditis is an infection of the heart that requires 6-8 weeks of IV antibiotics and often a valve replacement. There is no way that this girl’s heart was suitable for a transplant even if she got the treatment in the hospital.

I also like to point out the entire plot of the second episode is BS, someone has severe issues in the ER they WILL get checked out regardless of insurance as it is ILLEGAL to turn away anyone in any ER without checking them out. Also no one that would be in charge of billing and expenses would be walking around making demands and questioning every single move a DOCTOR makes in the ER or surgery. Not only is there not time for that crap, it wouldn’t happen its much more passive IRL and after the fact.

Should they send someone to question the doctors every move, it would be someone with medical knowledge greater than that of the woman shown in the show….Like really she didn’t know NO metal in a MRI?? It would be a huge liability to have someone that medically inept making decisions in regards patients. As far as people complaining about the new resident being treated like garbage by his superior I cant say its true of every one or every teaching hospital but having worked in one i can tell you its not unheard of, as well as complaints about the fact that the new DR, has too many responsibilities while the first day being that busy is very unlikely they do get thrown into a lot of things very quickly and includes harder procedures.

After Season 1 we will have also Season 2.


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