The Good Fight – TV Series Review


The Good Fight

I always liked the character of Diane on The Good Wife and it’s neat to see a very different type of law firm than the one on the Good Wife– I’m honestly more invested in the success of the firm.

In a way, this reminds me of The West Wing. It’s that same kind of fast paced, jargon-y, liberal comfort food.Diane Lockhart, Christine Baranski, was superb here as she first witnesses the swearing in of President Trump and then announces her retirement from the firm.

A young associate comes to work for the firm whose parents are prominent people and friends to Diane. Go know that the father was a take-off on Bernie Madoff and Diane soon finds herself practically broke and unable to secure employment in another law firm. She is now regarded as a piranha as she had encouraged people to invest with the thief.

We see the young associate demoralized and Cush Jumbo comes to her rescue. Though they’re on opposing sides of a lawsuit regarding alleged police brutality, Cush tells the girl, a lesbian, to stand tough as the allegations swirl around herself and the entire family.

I see that this type of attitude just does not exist much anymore. Liberals, please, please and one more please, you lost. Get over it and stop with the snide remarks and all this anti Trump garbage. He is the President of the United States and that office whether in the hands of an idiot like Obama or a tricky dicky Nixon is still to be respected. Also it is amusing to note that Trump has just begun to be our president.

Might be reasonable to expect a few grace months before you go for the jugular. This show seems to be so liberal that it has become intolerable to watch. I feel sorry for you who still watch it because you are being fed krap of the first order. Balance the show or many of us will just walk away. I suppose there are enough moronic liberals that watch this show to keep the ratings high enough for it to continue but that does not make it correct nor proper the way you are playing.

Watch the trailer below:


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