Stevie Wonder will undergo a kidney transplant


Wonder announced this on Saturday during the British Summer Time Hyde Park. He explained that he would hold three more shows before being interviewed in September.

“What will happen is this: I will be operated,” he told the crowd. “You do not have to hear rumors about anything. I told you what’s going on. I’m fine”.

Wonder, aged 69, has confirmed that he already has a donor, which has been received with public applause.

“I have a donor, everything is fine. I want you to know that I came here to offer you my love and thank you for your love, “he said.

In the concert, he played some classic pieces, including “For Once in My Life” and “Master Blaster”.

His concert was the second major event in the London park where Barbra Streisand will play on Sunday, Florence + The Machine on July 13, and Robbie Williams on July 14th.


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