SONiA Disappear Fear Celebrates 30th Anniversary



Today more than ever with the recent violence and attacks on individuals rights, “the need to disappear fear” is more relevant than ever. SONiA continues to write songs that address these issues bringing audiences together with her music. That began with the mantra: “the world is ready to disappear fear, a world that is not afraid of itself or who it loves, a world that is ending hunger in the many forms that hunger exists, no one is left out, so tomorrow, when the first rays of dawn reach like swords of light into your eyes, begin the day, like a tango with your soul, in love with life, because you are.”

SONiA made a decision when she launched disappear fear to be out in her music and while she watched others in the industry hide in the closet until it became financially viable to be out, she never wavered on the idea that “Loving Out Loud” was living into the concept of disappearing fear. When the tragedy of 9/11 led to Muslim-bashing, SONiA disappear fear responded by learning to sing in Arabic, adding to songs that she sings in Hebrew, English and Spanish. She has worked tirelessly as an advocate for peace and her voice is more relevant than ever.


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