Singer Joss Stone says she was detained and deported from Iran


British singer and songwriter Joss Stone says she was detained and deported from Iran after the authorities did not think she would try to sing for the public. In a video released on Wednesday, Instagram, the 32-year-old artist who appears wearing a white scarf on her head, says, “We were detained, then we were deported.”

“We are aware that it is not possible to have a public concert because I am a woman, and that is illegal in this country. Personally, I do not want to go to an Iranian prison, nor do I try to change the policy of the countries I visit, nor do I want to put other people at risk, “she wrote. “However, it seems that the authorities do not think we would have sung for the public, so they put us on what we call the” blacklist “, as we learned when we arrived at the immigration office.”

She told them they were detained overnight and deported in the morning. “That broke a piece of my heart.”

Joss Stone also published images from the time of his boarding to Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, a free economic zone that allows all nationalities to travel.

The singer has concerted in the “Total World Tour” in over 175 countries including Syria, Iraq and North Korea. Iran was the last on her list and the band that accompanies her, according to the artist.


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