Singer Iggy Azalea said $ 366,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her home


29-year-old Iggy, by real name Amethyst Kelly, told police that $ 70,000 worth of diamond rings, a gold inlaid diamond watch, the Audemars Piquet brand, had been stolen. $ 57,000, and a diamond engagement ring, according to the Police report.

Kelly, who grew up in Australia and became famous after moving to the United States at age 16, told police she was alone in the basement of the rented building in Atlanta when she heard footsteps on November 15th. in the living room on the second floor. It was a rainy night and he thought it was Playboi (23 years old), by his real name Jordan Carter, who had left the door open.

On November 17, she and Carter called the police after they realized that the blue Goyard bag, in which they were holding all their jewelry, had disappeared.

Kelly told police they were watching the recordings on surveillance cameras and saw a man entering the back door two nights ago at 9.51 p.m. and left eight minutes later with a bag in his hand.

Carter told police he suspected that the suspect was armed and that he was wearing a black mask and gloves, according to records.

Carter said stolen chains, bracelets, rings, and watches were made to order and he and the insurance company are trying to determine their value.


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