Sean Norvis & Copamore ft. Larisa Mester release “Here I Am”


The DJ and composer, Sean Norvis, make us a musical gift on his birthday. He released today the song “Here I Am” at his record label, Norvis Music.

The song is in collaboration with the beautiful and talented artist, Larisa Mester, and the lyrics are written by two Austrian artists, Copamore.

“Here I Am” has a positive dance/future house vibe, and the video was filmed in Budapest by Ovidiu Roteliuc and Ciprian Dan Bilencu.

Sean Norvis is a Cat Music artist and has had numerous collaborations with famous artists along his careers. Larisa Mester is a young musician who is currently attending the Art School in Timisoara. Music has been and will remain her first love, and through her interpretation it transmits much emotion.

Copamore are two famous artists and DJs from Austria, named Thomas and Michael Schaller, and their compositions and remixes have a great international success.


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