Alex Zupo ft. remixes by Sacha Robotti, Bruno Furlan & Dakar

Hot on the trail of his 2017 Elephant Man EP release with Slowbody on Billy Kenny’s This Ain’t Bristol, Sacha Robotti shares a brand-new remix on NYC imprint Nurvous Records’ debut EP with Alex Zupo, Chap 1: The Beginning of the Legacy EP. Flying off the digital shelves on February 13, Alex Zupo’s The Beginning of…EP features remixes by our very own Italian-German, Los Angeles-dwelling, Belgium bred, 3rd culture polyglot (Sacha Robotti!), along with fellow talents Bruno Furlan (re:mount, Budenzauber, Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol) and Dakar (Get Physical, KMS Recordings, Voltaire Music).

Sacha shares his excitement for their Nurvous Records release along with the serendipitous story about how his new remix came to be: “This kid from Brazil, Alex Zupo, sent me his track last year on Facebook and it killed it at my show on the Do Lab stage at Coachella. Andrew from Nervous saw a video of that performance and signed Alex’s track! This made my day, and Alex’s day too obviously. I love the original but I wanted to make my own version of it in terms of sonics and beat. So I reworked it, kept it very close to the original, and added the word “Drop” a few times, courtesy of my buddy Kevin Knapp. My remix has been working so well on the dancefloor in America the last months, I’m so excited to share it with you all. Much love!”

Sacha Robotti is also currently in the midst of his North American tour with Sirus Hood that kicked off at the beginning of this month. Throughout the rest of February, Sirus and Sacha’s remarkable fusion of house and techno will descend throughout North America’s most sought after venues including Velvet Underground Toronto, Tier Orlando, Webster Hall New York, Q Seattle with the tour drawing to a close on April 8th at Phoenix Lights Festival in Arizona.


1. Alex Zupo – LFO’s & UFO’s (Original Mix)
2. Alex Zupo – LFO’s & UFO’s (Sacha Robotti Drop Mix)
3. Alex Zupo – LFO’s & UFO’s (Dakar Remix)
4. Alex Zupo – Boo’s Laugh & Luigi’s Mansion (Original Mix)
5. Alex Zupo – Boo’s Laugh & Luigi’s Mansion (Bruno Furlan Remix)


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