Royal Unknown Artist (R.U.A.) is a young artist and songwriter owning a project with a mission



The mission to let every fellow musician know that, regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, appearance, personal or political views, past or present experience or lifestyle, every and single one is royal by simply existing. By simply being a unique and talented spirit under the sky, with a personal touch on the work they are doing. Though unknown, every artist can contribute to the beauty of life and its music.

By sharing their dreams, their way. R.U.A. chose music as her means of expression. With a beautiful touch of combining two concepts that seem contradictory: unknown and royal. But that is the real fact of life: each person is royal, an unseen and maybe undiscovered quality that doesn’t need to be proven. Everyone has it. Everyone is the best expression of oneself at the moment. And that’s a blessing. A royal touch to all of the unknowns out there. It’s what R.U.A. discovered on her way and decided to express thru her music.

Transcendent Love is R.U.A.’s first album. “‘Transcendent Love’ is so much more than a simple album. The album is all about love in all its forms. It’s a collection of thoughts and life experiences that happened mostly in my 20s. A few are rooted in different time frames, during my childhood or teenage years. I have written all the songs throughout the years and I have put them together in this album. I think it is the only way to be authentic. I could have written about my feelings years after they’ve marked me, but the perspective would have been different for sure. So I tried to keep the original vibes as I felt them at the time. Genuine.

It’s about emotion, heartbreaks and butterflies in my stomach. It’s about reaching the next level in my personal life. About understanding and overcoming, about frustration and disappointment. About questions and answers that never came. It’s about love for humans in the society around us, about family and about searching for the `good life`. It’s hard to understand why, but it becomes transcendent.” Artistically speaking, R.U.A.’s impressive first recording mixes genre’ and styles ranging from Pop and Rock to R&B with jazzy vibes.

It has vibrant rhythms and infectious melodies and the wonderfully crafted songs that are the essence of the album remind the listeners of no “filler”, but good music that remains a precious memory. It also contains an Outro written by Richard Orange. “I was only 10 at that time. It’s ironic, but so cool. The song waited for me. And after we met it was always there to tell me `It’s not the end of the world` when I needed it the most, when it felt like it’s over.” R.U.A. puts it simply: “We love because it’s probably the only truth that exists in the world, despite all illusions. It is real! We are born to love. My album is not a novel, it is not hard to understand, it is not something we have never heard of. But it speaks for myself.”


Gorgeous and exceptionally talented singer and songwriter R.U.A. is back with a new, fresh release and collaboration with the noted Memphis songwriter Carl Blue Wise from Blue Boy Records. The single was released in stores on July 13th 2017 for the artist’s birthday, being followed by the live release in Hard Rock Cafe Memphis on July 20th.

The powerful message of the track makes us feel united and stronger when space and time dilutes. The beauty of life regardless of the distance between us is LOVE. R.U.A. is definitely a strong promoter of peace, love and honesty between people. The track was written by R.U.A. and Carl Blue Wise being published and produced by Blueboyrecords and Harding Group Limited in partnership.


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