THE ROOP introduces a new song version


THE ROOP Come Back Name free remix

Today “The Roop” introduces a dance remix for “Come back” and its cheerful video.

“This is our second collaboration with “Name-free”. We are extremely happy with this version of the song” – band’s drummer Robertas smiles.

“We aimed for “Come back” to be light and summery. A song that would be perfect for a summer day car ride or a jog on the beach, a walk on the street” – told Linas, a member of “Name-free”.

Although the music “Name-free” make and play is heavier and often really energetic, suitable for dance parties, the guys think they managed to sustain their characteristic energy level along with gentle colors of House music.

In the meantime “The Roop’s” recently released original “Come Back” track from the debut album “To Whom It May Concern” sounds farther and farther from Lithuania. Now this radio single is being played in Belgium, Germany, France, Australia, Columbia, Romania, Serbia, Brazil and USA (New York).

“It’s still hard to believe that a song written in a tiny studio in Lithuania starts being played this far from home” – band’s leader Vaidotas shared his thoughts.

This summer is especially busy for the band – “The Roop” is already booked for “Positivus”, “Granatos Live”, “Galapagai” and “Karklė” festivals. At the same time the band is recording new songs, and at the end of summer “The Roop” organizes a solo concert where they will introduce a new song from the upcoming album and its video.


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