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Ready Player One

But when I watched the trailers, I already saw that the movie was far, faaaaar away from the book. Now I watched the movie and my worst fears became reality.

What is left over from the book: The title Names of the characters (except for Shoto) That it is about an Easter egg hunt in the OASIS. More or less the concept of the OASIS. The colors of the keys and gates incl. the points you get for the gates. That Aech is driving a truck. Wade has his rig (but not the one from the movie) in a scrapyard truck. IOI is evil. Everyone else is good.

All characters are and behave totally differently. Aech is in the book a badass who knows his stuff, not that whiney character in the movie. Wade is a kid who has no money, IRL and in the OASIS, so no DeLorean from the start. He starts the hunt with a level 1 sword, shield and leather body armor. Art3mis is a chubby girl (would have been great to see that in the movie). So why is Spielberg putting his money on a skinny girl? Great move to give the one chance away to put some self-esteem in non-perfect people. I-R0k is a stupid looser in the book, not that super strong headhunter. Really? IOI employees applaud when Wade opens the final gate?!

The 80s references used in the movie have nothing in common with the ones from the book. But not always the obvious 80s references are the best ones, there are many hidden treasures in the book. Mr. Spielberg, learn something from Marvel, they used “Lake Shore Drive” in the soundtrack… think about it. A great movie might have really started an 80s nostalgia boost.

Mr. Spielberg, you are old enough, you have enough money. Please retire. You lost it long ago. Maybe you can write a children’s book, and watch it getting ripped to pieces by some amateur director, who makes a movie from your book.

The trailers had some great songs, with Pure imagination being outstanding. None of them however are played in the movie. With the exception of jump at the start, that felt out of place as it was too fast paced for someone just walking.

Watch the trailer below:


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