Pink awarded at the Brit Awards 2019

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Pink ended a special night at the Brit Awards 2019 with an epic performance of some of her biggest hits, which served as a remarkable remembrance of why she was awarded this year for her remarkable contribution to music.

The singer kicked off with the latest single, “Walk Me Home” – which she just released just a few hours earlier in the gala – playing in a fluffy gown as she walked away from a dressing to the scene. Moving to a red feather cloak, Pink went down the central stage in a suspended ceiling from the “Just Like Fire” track, which of course included a lot of pyrotechnic moments.

Pink has decided to send a political message to the last song “What About Us,” dressed in printed clothes in newspapers alongside her dancers, as in the images of the protests on the screen behind them.

Pink received the Brit Award for a remarkable contribution to music, a distinction that features Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Elton John and Spice Girls. Expressing her enthusiasm for the show at Wembley Stadium this summer, Pink closed his speech with a cry for those who helped them make her iconic career. “One of the reasons I’m successful is that surround me with people who are better than me, “she said. “They’ve been 20 wonderful years, I’m here for another 20!”


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