Pacific Rim: Uprising – Film Review


Pacific Rim - Uprising

Pacific Rim Part 1, the one directed by Guillermo del Toro was a vrey great movie but it was too serious for its own good. The follow up keeps using a very similar structure to the first one but brushes off most of the over dramatic situations; thanks in great part to John Boyega and Scott Eastwood; a couple of actors that work very well together as demonstrated here. Jake (John Boyeaga) plays Idris Elba character’s son. He is a hot head living a very disastrous life that one day is caught stealing Jagger parts with a teenager Amara.

Both are sent to Jagger’s pilot training camp; however while Amara gets to be a cadet, Jake (who already was a Ranger) is sent to train the new recruits. His old mate and Jagger co-pilot is Scott Eastwood; they spent most of the time fighting but you can smell a great chemistry among them. Most of the surviving characters (but not Charlie Hunnam) are back and all of them get important parts in the events. The action scenes are more elaborated than the first one; but that would mean nothing if the story was not well orchestrated; but it works.

John Boyega shows just enough personality to stay awake while the rest of the cast simply turn up as well, Idris Elba knew he wasn’t starring in Shakespeare in the original but at least he had the decency to ham it up a bit. The exception to this is Burn Gorman and Charlie Days portrayal of bickering scientists and friends, however even this is destroyed with the reveal that Charlie Days character is actually the villain being controlled by Kaiju?!?!

Uprising fails in everything that made Pacific Rim great. By comparison, there’s almost no giant fighting, and what little there is is bad. I guess it’s somewhat okay as a sci-fi movie that is marginally about giant monsters (which, again, you don’t see for most of the movie) and (pretty bad) giant robots. As a sequel, it’s a major letdown.

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