Out Now: nuemp & Night Talk “Binary Division”



Following up Swiss producer nuemp’s 2016 Bug Of June EP on fellow Swiss producer Night Talk’s AYM imprint, the two Basel, Switzerland-based producers are celebrating the New Year by releasing their first collaborative single, “Binary Division”.

Together on “Binary Divison”, Night Talk and nuemp’s symbiotic energy slowly builds, stirring warm, swelling drums pads into soft percussive layers along with an off-kilter synth line and a wistful melody, conjuring a quietly deep atmosphere reminiscent of walking through the snow at night.

Night Talk’s own AYM label includes previous releases by Night Talk, nuemp, Edward Ean & Steffen Sonnenschein, Alixander III (of Azari & III), Lake People, Translucent, Manuelle Musik and Louisahhh!!!.


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