Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are Engaged

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
Photo source: cnn.com

A broken bottle of champagne, a helicopter and a broken coat are the perfect ingredients of an unforgettable marriage request. We do not say it, but Katy Perry, who had a full-grown engagement!

In the Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the artist detailed the moment when her fiancĂ©, Orlando Bloom, asked her for marriage, even Valentine’s Day.

It seems the question came during a helicopter ride.

“We had dinner and thought we were going to a museum, but we stopped in front of a helicopter. The funny part is that I had helicopter champagne and the ring box was in his pocket and he wrote everything he wanted to say on a note,” Katy Perry recalls.

And here’s all the madness. While Orlando was reading the note, Katy heard the bottle of champagne crashing, and Orlando struggled to take out the box with the ring in her coat pocket, eventually breaking it. WOOOOW! This really seems like a scene in comedy movies.

Well, everything is good when it ends well. Things were resolved and the helicopter landed on a roof in Los Angeles, where they were welcomed by the closest.


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