Nika released “Tu Auzi” in collaboration with Seredinschi



Romania is not the kind of country in which an atypical star can make its appearance. Nika is not just atypical, it is original, authentic, a new “oddity” of the Romanian music industry.

Nika writes her songs in Quantum Music studios with his mentor, Irina Rimes. At age 25, the artist prefers to do just what he feels: “Since I started writing my songs a few years ago, everyone was saying about my songs that they are the freaks, which has come to be a compliment to me . Thanks. If I think the freak is normal, it’s cool! “Says the artist.

“Yes, “Tu Auzi” is a piece about suffering, betrayal, etc., but I like the fact that it signals another problem of ours, of all: indifference; Stubbornness to hear each other, to give little ego to one side and to be more open, to empathize. Ah, what a lot of problems we would have to solve! “Said Nika.

The video of the song is an idiosyncratic one made for the audience to enjoy something special and different, atypical to the Romanian market, a video assumed as a passion full of satire and irony. Director and Producer, Isabella Szanto brought a new interpretation of lyrics and metaphors, succeeding in deeply embedding the sentiment of cold-imaging separation, but the actions of the protagonists are often funny and work counter-plan with the whole context.

“I love the team with whom I worked on making the first track and clip. Seredinschi is wonderful and I really liked shooting. We went through the instinct and played as we did, but guided and “very well” by Isabella Szanto and the rest of the team. ”

“I wish that, speaking of dreams and goals, I have no limit. Do not stop dreaming and wanting more. You lost the moment you stopped. Until then, there are always chances.”

Below is the video:


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