NEW SINGLE: Royse – Madness


ROYSE is a pop singer based in Los Angeles, CA. With only a few singles released since embarking on her solo career, she managed to reach phenomenal success with over 1.5 million streams and over 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as over 2 million views on YouTube. Her songs pull from the deep undercurrents, exploring the dark corners of the soul while turning it around into something entirely positive, encouraging and inspiring. With these themes wrapped in captivating tunes and meticulously made rich productions led by her uniquely powerful voice, no wonder each of her singles becomes an instant success.

Following up on the massive success of her previous single “If I Loved You”, her new single “Madness” is a powerful and compelling song, masterly produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Adrian Gurvitz. This highly enjoyable and memorable track is confidently led by Royse’s vigorous voice, who sings about the madness that people are sometimes brought into for staying with their loved ones. During the short time since its release, the “Madness” music video directed by Christian Guiton has managed to draw more than 600,000 viewers, while the song on Spotify is having a persistently growing number of streams getting close to 1 million! This proven pop hit is now released to radio to spread Royse’s Madness across the globe.


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