NEW SINGLE: REX STAX – Eternity Collide


REX STAX - Eternity Collide

Innovative, danceable, and showcasing a colorful variety of grooves with something for fans of nearly every music genre, “Eternity Collide” stand as evidence that Rex Stax continues to be a force in modern independent music.

“Eternity Collide” a “care-free Caribbean anthem.” Writer and DJ Erick writes, “From the first floating notes of Rex Stax’s new single, ‘Eternity Collide,’ you know you’re in for a treat. The tropical track is an airy combination of dance beats and sparkling, synthesized percussions that keep the melody bouncing from beginning to end. Playful lyrics like “Let’s play together, closer than ever, please don’t leave no space’ give the song a flirtatious tone that would be at home in a club or more intimate settings.”


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