New Show at Netflix Lost in Space, Launch Date Announced


Lost in Space Netflix

The streaming service Netflix just announced the date for tv show Lost in Space a sci-fi adventure series.Astronauts from NASA had the priovilege to see the pilot episode at the International Space Station, but you to know the show will have premiere in April 13, 2017.Below you will have the trailer.

This show is a Netflix Original reimagining the show classic of the 60s science fiction series.Is about 30 year in the future, colonization in space is now a reality and the Robinson familu is among those tested and selected to make a new life for themselves in a better world.The new colonists find themselves abruptly torn off course en route to their new home they must forge new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment.

In the tv show Lost in Space also stars Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Max Jenkins, Taylor Russell and Mina Sundwall, so lets watch the trailer of the Lost In Space below.


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