New Release: Royse – Ride the Bull


ROYSE is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, who has already established its pop star status with several of her singles becoming international hits. Since embarking on her solo career, her music has managed to reach phenomenal success with over 3 million streams and over 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as over 7 million views on YouTube. Her unique talent has led to her working with Grammy-winning producers, spawning unforgettable radio hits, and also contributed to her becoming an acclaimed public figure, featured on magazines such as Glamour SA, America Songwriter, Lapalme Magazine, and Retreat Magazine.

Following up on the massive success of her previous singles “If I Loved You”, “Madness” and “Oxygen”, her new single “Ride the Bull” combines her passion for pop, urban, and country music while conveying a profound and inspiring statement about coping and overcoming anxiety and depression. Wrapped by Mckinney Marc Scott and Kiplin Evans’ polished production, this new single is yet another one of Royse’s sonic diamonds waiting to be discovered by the world.


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