New Release: DJ Lucian x Geo – Spread The Love


Dj Lucian (Lucian Mitrache) & Geo (George Naita) return to the force with a quality track, called “Spread The Love”.

“Spread The Love” song benefits with a clip as love is at the center of attention, and the official launch on the radio was in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and Serbia, is known that the two artists. and Romanian producers are highly appreciated by DJs and producers from outside, where the EDM musical genre is very popular. a new premiere for Romania was made. This time they collaborated with the famous DJ and producer from Australia, Tigerlily, the one who was declared three years in a row the best DJ in Australia, and in 2018 was ranked 3rd in the world they two artists are preparing other musical surprises and exceptional collaborations!


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