New Hit: SKAMP – Nemiegancios Naktys



Based in Lithuania it consists of 3 members with different backgrounds – producer Victor Diawara (Mali / Lithuanian), singer lyricist Erica Jennings born and raised in Ireland and Lithuanian rapper Vilius Alesius. Boys started the band at school in Germany and Erica joined them after a come back to Lithuania. From then on SKAMP blends finely crafted lyrics and catchy melodies.

Using different music genres SKAMP rose to fame in Lithuania, fresh out of high-school, in May ’98, with a cover of George Gershwin’s “Summertime”. Before to do the band’s 20th birthday concert in a biggest Vilnius arena at the end of the year they are presenting a totally new song “Nemiegancios naktys” (“Sleepless nights”).

Song has a non typical dance music sound standing out form the rest of their hits. “Nemiegancios naktys” mainly contains lithuanian lyrics written and performed by Erica Jennings. “This is a love song, dedicated for night life and music. It’s perfect for festivals, dancing next to the sea or on the road during your holidays,” – says Erica Jennings. The band is sure it will be dance hit of this summer.

Here you can find music video made by „Scuare Production House“. Video was shot during few nights, catching famous people who had to dance and feel the vibe while hearing this song for the first time.


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