New Hit: DANILO ORSINI feat. Davy Floris & Ariel El Leon – Solitos


Solitos, comes after the summer success of “Frio” programming on radio stations all over the world and is present in many of the main Latin playlists and has had thousands of visits on social networks and digital platforms, such as Spotify.

Danilo Orsini is an established name in the field of quality Latin productions.
Together with Davy Floris and Ariel El Leon, two of the most interesting names in the Latin urban scene in Italy, they give life to Solitos.

Solitos has already appeared in many Latin compilations and playlists and reached the iTunes Top 100 Dance Italia.

A song with a refined and captivating sound, capable of entering the head from the first listen.

The Italian DJ Producer Danilo Orsini boasts numerous singles and collaborations with various Italian and foreign labels. Many of his singles have been included in important compilations, supported by radios and DJs from all over the world, and have reached the top of the international charts.

Davy Floris, pseudonym of Davide Mario Floris is an Italian-Spanish singer, producer, DJ, composer of reggaeton and Latin / house.
From a very young age, he began working as a DJ and singer in the most famous nightclubs of Naples and Caserta and at the age of 18 produced his first songs, always using a Latin style and rhythm.

José Ariel Alberto De Los Santos, aka Ariel El León, is a Latin rapper and singer. He collaborates with various Italian and Latin artists, carrying out his rapper/singer project.


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