Mulan will be released on September 4 through the Disney + streaming service


Disney has announced that it will launch the Mulan super-production through the Disney + streaming service, on September 4, 2020, for a rental fee of $ 29.99 (25.40 euros). The release date of the film has been postponed several times, as many cinemas remain closed around the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the profitable US market.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek added that the film will be available internationally in cinemas in regions that do not yet have Disney + service if the cinemas in those countries have reopened safely.

Chapek told analysts that the release of Mulan through Disney + is a unique event: “The release of a high-budget film like Mulan through Disney + is unique. We do not plan such a business model.”

Disney has already released the movie Artemis Fowl directly on Disney + this year (without a premium rental fee).


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