Maria Avramescu release a new single “In urma ta”


Maryliss - In urma ta

Maria-Eliza Avramescu, known as an artist named Maryliss, was born on November 21, 1989 in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Mehedinti County being established in Timisoara.

She began singing from a very early age, graduating from the National School of Art in the hometown, classical singing and light music, her passion starting during the general school, high school and college.

He participated in various events and musical competitions, culminating in “Vocea Romaniei” season 6 (2O16), where he reached the semifinals stage, managing to turn the four chairs back, choosing to go further in the competition under his guidance Smiley.

In public appearances, it is an elegant, courageous, highly communicative and emptive presence; has an eclectic, engaging and diversified musical style with which it captures the audience.

Apparently, for Maryliss, the time is sounding. Love music with passion; for her, music is that mysterious vibration of love, whose sincerity is above all pretense.

Gradually, he has formed a musical portfolio with songs from the national and international repertoire, as well as composing it (both the text part and the musical side). In general, his songs express the inner feelings of everyone, who not only express cheerfulness and optimism, but also less beautiful feelings. Through them, they try to open the portative of the soul universe with the ground key, and its most valuable tool is her voice.

After debuting with “Nu Renunta” in 2016, Maryliss put on the job and prepared a new single, “In urma ta”, accompanied by a video whose official launch takes place on the first day of spring. The production of the song is signed by ARTonic Productions and the video is made by Timisoara Film Society.

By perfectly combining the text with the melodic line and the illustrated video story, the artist expresses a common occurrence: deception in love, followed by a painful separation, acceptance of those states, and arming with the desire to move on.


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