Manu Chao relaunched the album “Clandestino” with two new tracks


The new version of the album was released on Friday.

The title track was updated – performed in a duet with artist Calypso Rose from Trinidad and Tobago – and released in May this year. She was included in this new album, as well as new versions of the famous “Desaparecido” and “El sueldo”.

The new tracks, available for free download on the artist’s site along with the entire album, are “Bloody Border” – played entirely in English – and “Roadies Rules” – composed two decades ago.

A mix of reggae, rock, samba, and ra├», “Clandestino”, launched in 1998, is considered a tribute to those who have left their home countries in search of a better life.

Resident in Barcelona, Manu Chao was born in Paris, into a Spanish family, who emigrated because of dictator Francisco Franco, on June 21, 1961. In 1987, in France, he founded the Mano Negra group, with which he became famous in Europe, and since 1995, he sings with his band, Radio Bemba.

Manu Chao – social activist – sings in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Arabic, among others. His lyrics refer, among other things, to migration, drugs, and love. With a center-left vision, Manu Chao uses his social media accounts to promote humanitarian, anti-globalization, defense of women’s rights or the environment.


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