Luxuryville Records has hit the high mark again

A Glitch in the Matrix
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Their new album release from Algorhythm Trio. With influences ranging from Miles to McBride to Mike Stern to Mahavishnu, Algorhythm Trio has contributed a unique blend of creative energy to the jazz world with, “A Glitch in the Matrix.”

There are many different genres, from straight-ahead jazz to 70’s jazz-fusion, allowing the players to stretch their imaginations both singularly and collectively.The styling of the music that they are beyond the average jazz group; Algorhythm Trio is a modern jazz group that consistently delivers ear-catching appeal.

Algorhythm Trio add both color and refreshing talent to today’s musical landscape. Join Luxuryville Records in the celebration of Algorhythm Trio’s first national release, “A Glitch in the Matrix.”


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