Lana Del Rey composed a new song following the attacks in El Paso and Dayton


American singer Lana Del Rey posted on Instagram a song titled “Looking for America”, composed following the massacres that killed 31 people last weekend in the United States. Affected by the two attacks in El Paso and Dayton, Lana Del Rey expresses her pain through music. On Monday, the singer posted on Instagram a video that plays a new song, accompanied on guitar by her producer Jack Antonoff.

“I had in mind a song that I wanted to write. I know I’m not a politician and that’s not what I want to be, so please excuse me for having an opinion,” the artist wrote. “But, as a result of the massacres of the past few days that have psychologically affected me, I would like to share this video shot 20 minutes ago. I hope you like it is called Looking for America.”

In this several-minute ballad, Lana Del Rey says “her version of the United States,” with no weapons or “bombs in the sky,” in which the American flag can “fly in freedom,” evoking “a dream.”

“Fucking Norman Rockwell”, the artist’s sixth studio album will be released on August 30.

Born on June 21, 1985, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known as Lana Del Rey, is an American singer and songwriter. It became known in 2011, thanks to the song “Video Games”, which became very popular on the Internet. She has released five albums – “Lana Del Ray” (2010), “Born to Die” (2012), “Ultraviolence” (2014), “Honeymoon” (2015) and “Lust for Life” (2017).


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