Henry Cavill will be Superman again


We remember Henry Cavill at the dawn of his career when he appeared in a role in the film I Capture the Castle (2003), but for the global audience, the British actor gained notoriety only after he was chosen by Warner Studios to play Superman in Man of Steel (2013).

Cavill returned to the role in two other DC movies, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice / Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, but his journey into the comic-book-inspired universe doesn’t stop there: Deadline (and usually their sources at the top of the big studios are reliable) has learned that the actor is currently negotiating his return to the role.

He just won’t do it in a sequel to Man of Steel or in The Batman, the film starring Robert Pattinson whose production was stopped due to the pandemic. Deadline did not find out in which movie Cavill’s Superman will appear but narrowed the list of possibilities to three: Shazam 2, Black Adam and Aquaman 2. If we remember that the character (not the actor) appeared at the end of Shazam, it is very possible that the return of Cavill will take place in the sequel to this film, whose release date is currently scheduled for November 4, 2022.

The actor has repeatedly spoken (an example here) about the love he has for Superman. We also think about his observation, namely “there are really many things that need to be corrected in the case of Superman.” Until then, the actor is focusing on the second season of The Witcher, whose production in Europe will resume soon.


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