HBO Max will be released in the US in 2020 and one year later internationally. Exclusive rights to broadcast the South Park series


WarnerMedia announced on Tuesday that the HBO Max platform will be launched in May 2020, in the United States, and a year later, internationally, and the price of a subscription will be equal to that of the HBO streaming service, for dual content.

HBO Max will be free for one year for those who are already HBO subscribers who have one of AT&T’s television services. Other subscribers will benefit from discounts, writes Variety.

By 2025, the company estimates it will have 75 – 90 million HBO Max subscribers, including 50 million in the US. These figures include the HBO subscriber base, which, in 2019, comprises 34 million in the United States.

At launch, HBO Max promises 10,000 hours of premium content – HBO programs, new original series, TV shows and movies.

On Tuesday, WarnerMedia also announced that HBO Max has won, for $ 500 million (according to sources), exclusive rights to broadcast the animated series “South Park”. Also, a new prequel to “Game of Thrones”, “House of the Dragon”, created by George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal, will be released on HBO and HBO Max.

In the first year, 31 serials will be available, and in 2021, their number will reach 50.

The platform will include titles like “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “The West Wing” and “Pretty Little Liars”, the entire film catalog of Studio Ghibli, all seasons “Sesame Street” and CW films produced by Warner Bros.

HBO Max will have 1,800 feature films at launch. In the first year, the selection of films will include, among others, the films from the franchises “The Matrix”, “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”, as well as all the DC Entertainment titles from the last 10 years, including the films “Superman” and “Batman” made so far. Todd Phillips’ Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, will be available at launch.

HBO Max International will be launched in 2021. There will be versions for Latin America and Europe.

AT&T representatives told investors they expect to spend between $ 1.5 and $ 2 billion for HBO Max next year and invest $ 1 billion in each of the next two years, before making a profit in 2025.

By 2021, WarnerMedia expects HBO Max to generate $ 1 billion in marginal revenue in the US and grow to $ 5 billion annually by 2025.


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