Great News this year Avicii Album will be released



Before the death of our favorite Dj Avicii, he made some plans to release another EP or probably and album, according to some sources Avicii had close to 200 finished songs ready to be released in some albums and EPs, all fans from all around the world will be gettins a new Avicii Album this year.

President of Geffen Records, Neil Jacobson said:”“I’m going to sit down and talk to the family once everybody has a chance to take a breath,” he said. “I’ve never actually had this happen with an artist I’ve worked with before and this closely. So, I don’t know.”

We wait for more and more details about the Avicii new album, because all the fans from all over the world wait for new songs from the Geffen Records where Avicii recoreded the songs.


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