Google Play Music will be closed


Google Play Music disappears. Playlists on the audio streaming service are set to be moved to YouTube Music later this year.

Google has developed a tool that allows you to migrate content, lists, preferences, etc. to the new platform. The company bet on YouTube Music in 2018, because on the video-sharing platform hundreds of millions of people already go daily to listen to music. Several studies have shown that users are more willing to pay for a music subscription to a YouTube service.

Google Play Music users will receive a link through which they can transfer content to the new streaming service. Users will still be able to upload their own mp3 files to the platform, up to 100,000 songs. Moreover, the lists have been increased from 1,000 to 5,000 pieces.

But the Google platform has a lot to recover from rivals. The music streaming market is dominated by the Swedes from Spotify, with 113 million paying subscribers. In second and third place are Apple Music and Amazon Music, with 60 million and 55 million subscribers, respectively. Together, the two Google-branded services have 20 million monthly paying users.

YouTube Music without ads costs $ 9.99 per month. For $ 11.99 / month, users also receive YouTube without advertising.


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