Google is building its city near the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters


The company presented a proposal this month for Middlefield Park, a 161,874-square-foot upgraded campus in Mountain View, California, where Google is currently headquartered. The plan includes a network of parks, commercial spaces, offices, a public swimming pool and sports fields.

Google plans to create up to 1,850 homes, and 20% of them will be affordable. The housing announcement follows a $ 1 billion commitment last year by Google to housing in the San Francisco Bay Area, which included changing the destination of land to build 15,000 new homes for varying income levels, including houses for low and middle income families.

Google’s new campus plans come at a time when the future of office buildings is uncertain. None of the major technology companies have called employees back to work in the United States amid the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, and Google itself does not require employees to return to work until July 2021.

But Google isn’t the only one reaffirming its commitment to office space. Last month, Amazon announced plans to expand its office space with six US technology hubs, investing $ 1.4 billion to build offices and create 3,500 jobs.

Facebook also signed an agreement in August for a huge office space in the Farley building in New York. The office space covers 730,000 square meters and Facebook said at the time that it would be used to expand the company’s engineering operations in New York.


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