Dj Lucian & Geo will be with the famous Robin Schulz at the hottest summer festival


Dj Lucian (Lucian Mitrache) & Geo (Naita George), the Romanians who brought the EDM revolution to Romania, will participate together with big names in electronic music, in a super festival organized by an international radio. The festival will take place in the days of July 30 and 31, 2021, starting at 6 pm and benefiting from a tailor-made lineup: besides Dj Lucian & Geo, who will bring you the newest and best festival music, there will also be the famous Robin Schulz, artist with many hits international and who was present at all major festivals, Cuebrick, a highly regarded German DJ and producer, Anela, a DJ with great experience and many active festivals, the talented Romanian DJ and producer Sean Norvis, a veteran of house music, master Corey Biggs, from Barcelona comes Uri Farre with “incendiary” sets, beautiful and talented Honey Gee brings the festival vibe from Thailand, the charm of trance music is brought by Hydrogenio, and Nice will delight your hearing with house music with air Copacabana. The festival can be listened to live on the website of the international radio online radio dot com. Dj Lucian & Geo are preparing for September a new surprise song, but also exceptional collaborations for the first time for Romania.


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