Dj Lucian & Geo release the song “Positive Vibes”


Dj Lucian (Lucian Mitrache) & Geo (George Naita) are back in force with a new quality song, called “Positive Vibes”. In this delicate period, when all mankind suffers from the pandemic, the two artists delight our souls with a song full of positive energy and which is the spiritual food for the soul and mind. “Positive Vibes” will have its official radio launch in countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, and Serbia, being known as the two artists and Romanian producers are highly appreciated by DJs and foreign producers, where the EDM music genre is very popular. After collaborating with legendary names in the EDM industry such as DJs FROM MARS, Wolfpack, Flip Capella, Justin Prime, or Cuebrick, the two artists managed a new premiere for Romania. This time they collaborated with the famous DJ and producer from Spain, B Jones, who was named music ambassador in Ibiza and was a special guest at the legendary anniversary show David Guetta, where he mixed with the famous actor Idris Elba (Luther, Thor).

Dj Lucian & Geo: “Even if we are going through a delicate period, don’t lose hope, better times will come. Sing, smile, dance. Enjoy you, what you have, what you are, those Dear. Look at life smiling and you will be able to feel how she enjoys being with you. Everything will be fine, dear friends! Thank you very much to all those who support and appreciate our music, but also to those who put us on wheels because it motivates us even more. much. Without you dear ones, we would not exist! Be responsible and think positively! ”


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