DJ Lucian and Geo launches a new song – Love & Sax


Dj Lucian (Lucian Mitrache) & Geo (Naita George) release at the beginning of autumn a new quality song, called “Love & Sax”. The new song sounds very good, has a positive vibe and makes you think of the summer that has just “Love & Sax” is a house song with “old school” influences and had its official radio launch in countries such as Germany, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, and Serbia, it is known that the two Romanian artists and producers are highly appreciated by foreign DJs and producers, where the musical genre EDM is very popular. The song already enjoys positive feedback from some famous artists international EDM industry such as DJs FROM MARS, Flip Capella, B Jones, Korolova, or Justin Prime. DJ Lucian & Geo are preparing other musical surprises and exceptional collaborations for the first time in Romania!


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