Disney+ already has 54 million subscribers


Disney has announced that the Disney + streaming service has reached 54.5 million subscribers. This is only half a year and given that it has only been launched in a limited number of countries.

Disney+ had 33.5 million subscribers on March 28 and had already surpassed 50 million on April 8.

The company had set a target of 60-90 million subscribers by the end of 2024. In just half a year, Disney+ has almost reached the lower threshold of the goal.

As with other streaming platforms, the pandemic has helped increase the number of subscribers in recent months.

Netflix indeed has 182 million subscribers, but Disney + proves to be a formidable competitor, with the strength of a large company and the content of several production studios behind it.

Also, Disney+ is not yet present in many markets, unlike Netflix, which is available in over 130 countries.

Disney+ also has a much better-oiled marketing machine, propelled by the strength of brands and legendary characters in the company’s films.


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