DISKOteka Festival between 31 May and 2 June, in Timisoara


Diskoteka Festival

Secrets from the backstage of the biggest retro music festival in Europe, DISKOteka Festival: “We have 2 artists who canceled concerts to sing for Romanians at DISKOteka”

With preparations for the Festival in a straight line, DISKOteka Festival team is working to ensure an impeccable organization during the three days of fun promised to the public between May 31 and June 2 in Timisoara. I talked to the organizers of DISKOteka Festival and I learned spicy details from the backstage of the biggest retro music festival in Europe. What does such an event mean, what resources were needed, secret details of the negotiations with the artists, and their claims in the backstage, all below.

Record time for mounting scenes from overseas

 The festival, which will take place at the “Dan Paltinisanu” Stadium, will benefit from no fewer than 5 scenes on which the most famous retro artists will play, which will sing the biggest hits that dominated the music charts during the 1980s. 90.

  The five scenes that will make the venue of the most anticipated event of the year were conceived in the smallest details to make a scene that is faithful to the great scenes of the world that some of the best-selling artists of the millennium have made history.

  “Modules for scenes were ordered overseas, and for their choice we worked with the best professionals of the moment. The placement and setting up of a single scene of this size can last for up to nine months, time we do not have, and we bring five such scenes, is an ambitious project, and the investment was in place. We have a whole day and night team to work out all the details and to make sure everything is ready in time, “confess the organizers.

They canceled concerts to sing for the Romanians

  “What is rarely seen is all the work behind an event of this magnitude. For the audience to have an unprecedented experience for three days, they are working on training about a year before, and behind a successful show are things that many do not even imagine, starting from the timing of artists’ to small details that you can not even imagine, “confess the organizers.

  For the event, the negotiations were started one year ago, making it very difficult to synchronize the agenda of so many people in three days of the festival.

 “Two of the line-up artists were difficult to get in the way they were in advanced discussions for other events, and that’s why we were hard to convince them. But I’ve been counting on the size of the festival and also on the large audience 45,000 people we are waiting for in the three days of DISKOteka I can not give names, because there are confidential contracts in the middle, but I can tell you that we really have 2 artists who have given up other concerts to come in Romania between May 31 and June 2, and talks with the management of the two lasted for nearly a year and required considerable resources, “one of the organizers said.

  “Of course, we also had cases where artist management requested presence one week before the artist came in to see if the artist had all the sound conditions to make an exceptional show, as was the case with No Mercy , but also the East 17. It is understandable, we speak of international artists who give the best on stage to delight the audience, they confess the organizers of DISKOteka, but they have given us some beatings because this is an effort In addition, the team must practically simulate the concert 2-3 weeks before, but we worked with exceptional people who gave everything they had the best and they worked for 15 hours a day.”


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