Debut Single: Laureia – Freak OUT in 8 June 2017


Laureia - Freak Out

Laureia’s debut single “Freak Out” takes us by the hand and shares with us the emotions and thoughts that every other 17-year-old girl will easily understand: the search for identity, the need to break out of the box, the joy of just being yourself. In order to shoot an authentic and colourful music video, Laureia flew together with her best friend to the city of Alicante in Spain. The diverse scenery and locations plus on-the-spot, improvised scenes combined with the invariably summerly atmosphere resulted in a video that captures beautifully the essence of Laureia’s innocent yet powerful girlie pop.

Believe it or not, singing karaoke was the starting point for Laureia’s career as a musician. When she was 12 years old, she participated in a fun karaoke recording session at a music studio in Hannover, Germany, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Remembering the joy of those vocal recordings, it was the same music studio she went to when she wanted to record a disc with cover songs as a present for her family and friends five years later. Studio owners Christian and Claudio Lanz immediately realized just how much the singing skills of this young talent had developed in the meantime. They signed up Laureia to their music label and motivated her to put all her efforts into a song she could present to a wider audience.


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