Wolfsheart and Roy E. Pete feat. Jose Feliciano - Red Dust on Route 66

A Superstar and a new single shining like the stars: This is fresh world music that makes every listener dance.„Red Dust On Route 66” does not only sound astounding with that unique, groovy Dance-World-NativeTrance-Sound.

The track also offers an astounding, even sensational line-up: The nine fold Grammy-winner José Feliciano (Guitar, Vocals) teams up with NavajoSinger Roy E. Pete and 3-time Nammy winner Wolfsheart (Vocals, Flute), very well known all over Europe from his band „Big City Indians“.

„I had the honour of playing with Feliciano during his Feliz NavidadTournee last year. From the first moment on there was a fine and creative chemistry”, says Wolfsheart. „So we stayed in contact. José immediately showed very high interest in joining us for this song. His Performance is a clear statement of what kind of highly gifted artist he is.

But not only the music of this recording, produced by Helmut Schärf, crawls under the listener’s skin. The subject is tangent too, because the lyrics deal with the tragedy of the forced march over 500 kilometers, the long Walk of the Navajos from 1864 to 1866.

Over 200.000 Navajos live in US now – and the wound, caused by this crime, is still there and still hurting. This feeling comes very straight to the listener, because Native American Roy E. Pete performs in original Navajo-language.

This turns „Red Dust On Route 66“, avaliable in all download-stores.

Think, feel and dance.


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