Claudine Auger, known from the fourth James Bond movie, died at the age of 78


Auger died on Wednesday in Paris, following a long-suffering, her agency, Time Art, announced.

She started her career as a model, representing France at Miss World 1958. She soon came to play in films and was part of the cast “The Iron Mask” (1962). Three years later, she became famous internationally with her role in “Thunderball”, the fourth film in the “Bond” franchise.

She was the first French girl in the role of “Bond girl”. It was later found out that the film’s production team rewrote the character for Auger – Domino was supposed to be Italian, but she became French.

“Bond girls” were rarely recognized for acting, but Auger said in a 1965 interview that he approached the character as if he were playing Molière.

After “Thunderball”, Claudine Auger starred in French and Italian productions.

His most popular films include “That Man George / L’homme de Marrakech”, “Flic Story” and “A Few Hours of Sunlight / Un Peu de Soleil Dans l’eau froide”. She was also part of the distribution of the miniseries “La piovra 5”.


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