Bob Dylan and Neil Young on the same scene in London Hyde Park


Bob Dylan (77) and Neil Young (73) shared the same scene in London’s Hyde Park on Friday, each presenting a set of famous tracks in front of the 65,000 spectators present.”We have never sung to light yet,” joked Young, who first climbed the stage, adding that “it’s great to see you all.”

The event, which was originally included in BST’s Barclaycard series, continued as a show without any sponsor. The two did not sing together on stage, as many had anticipated, and each gave some of their most famous melodies, with Young singing real-life versions of the classic Heart of Gold and Like a Hurricane.

Dylan presented some of his most famous songs, including “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Highway 61 Revisited”.While some cover-ups sparked different reactions, many fans enjoyed the new releases.


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