Blink-182 will release his ninth album in September


Punk-rock band Blink-182 will launch its ninth studio album on September 20, according to an announcement made on Twitter.”NINE,” the album includes 15 tracks and the latest single released is “Darkside”.The album includes titles such as “Generational Divide” and “Happy Days”, songs already released by the band. Although the group has released seven studio albums, the soloist and bassist Mark Hoppus explained that Blink-182 takes calculation and demo “Buddha”.

The band, founded in 1992, debuted with “Cheshire Cat” (1995) and was known for its worldwide success with “Enema of the State,” released in 1999. The latest album, California, was released in 2016 and nominated Grammy Awards.

In 2000 and 2001, the band was awarded the MTV Europe Music Awards and the “All the Small Things” video at the MTV Video Music Awards. The group also includes three Teen Choice trophies.

Currently, Blink-182 is on tour with rapper Lil Wayne, marking 20 years since the release of the album “Enema of the State”.


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