“Black is The Colour” – reimagined by Irish-Lithuanian talent Erica Jennings


Erica Jennings

One of the biggest stars of the Lithuanian music scene, Irish singer Erica Jennings has just shared her new song “Black is The Colour”.

“It’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and it instantly captured my heart. I had a feeling that I would sing it in honor of a truly special moment in my life and I did”, – explained the singer, who has dedicated this song to her husband Jurgis, in celebration of their 10 year marriage anniversary. “Dedicated to Jurgis, my husband, my love, in this life, in lives before and in lives after”- Erica wrote in her deeply personal “Facebook” post.

The most interesting fact about this song is its mysterious history. There is no record of who originally wrote the song. It was heard and mentioned for the first time in Appalachian Mountains back in 1915 in the USA. However, it is believed that this song originated in Scotland, due to a river Clyde mention in lyrics.

Apart from Erica, this song was also recorded by Nina Simone and Irish Singer Christy Moore.

“I started to sing it live last spring and I could see how this song immediately touched people. Even hearing it for the first time, people were drawn to listen to it” – explained E. Jennings.

“Every time I sing “Black is the colour” it feels as though I am spreading some sort of magic, and those melodies just perfectly intertwine with one another. This is exactly the direction I want to take with my new upcoming album – embracing my Celtic roots by combining archaic melodies, harmonies and even instruments with modern sounds” –the singer shortly mentioned her future plans.

The kickoff of the year for E. Jennings is marked with an important award. She was awarded “Best Female Artist of the Year” at M.A.M.A – the Lithuanian annual music awards. April 19th the singer will have a concert in one of the most spectacular venues in Vilnius – St. Catherine’s Church. When asked about the concert, Erica said that she is investing a lot of effort to make it an inspiring and emotional experience for her fans. Apart from the well-known melodies, the concert’s program will be filled with new songs, including the newest release „Black is the Colour“.

“St. Catherine’s Church is one the most inspiring places to perform live. I am more than happy that the first gig of the year will be there. I want the night to be special, so I am preparing a few surprises for my fans that I hope they’ll love” -said Erica.


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