Bianca Linta release “Daddy Issues”


Bianca Linta - Daddy Issues

Bianca Linta returns with the brightest piece so far, “Daddy Issues”, accompanied by an equally bold video. Filming took place in New York, with the famous Red Camera, nominated and award-winning Oscar for the quality of the captured image. Bianca collaborated with a team of professionals; they have previously worked on projects such as Batman, Samsung or House of Cards.

“Daddy Issues” presents the honest and vulnerable artist, having the courage to explore her feminine energy, her sexuality and her own healing power, which turns the video into a source of inspiration for women everywhere.

“This song is dedicated to women! Always remember that your power lies in self-love, beautiful beings that you are! This path of self-love includes both healing and disintegration. It’s simple and complicated at the same time, but the reward is magnificent! Accept yourself as you are and find the courage to be you, loving you completely! Nobody has the right to decide for you! Embrace the goddess out of you! Master it with all your being, because in it is the only truth! “Said Bianca Linta.

Through the “Daddy Issues” project, shot in the dancing room of her talented girlfriend Sabrina Petralia, Bianca wanted to show that anything is possible if more talented people put their ideas together. The team met Instagram. He sent them the song hoping for an affirmative answer, but being aware that nothing is certain. To her joy, they fell in love with the song and were excited to create the concept of the video together. Andrew Hendrix, the director of the video, has worked on Samsung’s projects over the past 13 years, the Batman movie and many other series.


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