Beyonce donates an impressive amount for health services


Singer BeycOOD’s Beyoncé has partnered with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall initiative to donate $ 6 million to U.S. health services.

The money will be used to test COVID-19, medical services, food supplies, and food deliveries, both during and after the crisis. For mental health services, the money will be channeled through a partnership with UCLA and the National Mental Illness Alliance (NAMI) to provide local support in Houston, New York, New Orleans, and Detroit.

The artist’s foundation supports several organizations in their efforts to provide basic resources – food, cleaning products, medicines – to alleviate the difficulties some communities face.

Rihanna also joined the #Startsmall campaign earlier this month by donating $ 3.2 million.

The United States is the nation most affected by Covid-19, with more than 886,000 illnesses and more than 50,000 deaths.


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