Bebe Rexha was criticized after the release of the video ‘LAST HURRAH’

Bebe Rexha
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Two weeks after the release of the video “Last Hurrah,” the famous singer Bebe Rexha was in a conflict with her father, who was disturbed by the too provocative pictures the artist posted on Instagram.

More precisely, Bebe last week posted Instagram a screenshot of the hard reaction that her father had had right after the release of the video, but she soon wiped it off.

Meanwhile, it seems that fans and the international press have been able to save the singer’s post, which they later made public.

“You’d better stop posting bad porn because it disgusted me. I can not stand the shame I feel anywhere I go in public. I’m very upset about you. “Was the message Bebe received from her father.

And now you’re probably wondering how the artist reacted, is not it?

Well, she wanted to say she had an escape and her dad is a good man, praying the fans not to criticize him.

“My father is not a bad man. I should never post that message. I’m disappointed, I was sarcastic, “said Bebe Rexha.

“I agree with him, I understand. Do not talk about Dad, this is my dad and he loves me, ” she continued.

As for the provocative posts, it seems that Bebe eventually deleted some of the movies in which he appeared in an indecent hypostasis.

See the video below:


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