Bassist Matthew Seligman, David Bowie’s collaborator, died of COVID-19


The 64-year-old Seligman died Friday at St. George’s University Hospital in London, announced on Facebook the musician Thomas Delby, his close friend.

The bassist was in a coma induced for two weeks, after being tested positive with COVID-19, and suffered a stroke on Friday.

Matthew Seligman joined the band of David Bowie in 1985 for the Live Aid concert and participated in the recordings of the soundtrack to his 1986 film, “Labyrinth.” He has been part of the Soft Boys band since 1979.

The band’s leader, Robyn Hitchcock, wrote on Facebook: “Everyone is leaving, but neither of us expected Matthew to leave us so suddenly forever. It is strange and very sad to talk about him in the past. ” Hitchcock told Seligman he was a charming guy and a “cheerful and funky” bassist.


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